Jetty House Accommodation

This large country garden came from humble beginnings; with very few established trees and lacking in any structured landscape design. Like all country gardens, it was paramount to set boundaries and define the large areas.

Wind was a major issue on the site, so we needed to create a wind barrier around the boundary of the home.  This barrier helped create a micro climate, to ensure that other plant varieties survived the occasionally harsh conditions. The boundary planting is a haven for native birds with Grevilleas, Callistemon and Leptospermum.

A garden of this size also requires feature trees.  This was an opportunity to incorporate species that are generally only suitable for parklands, due to their mature size, with Ficus microcarpa hillii and Queensland Kauri Pines (Agathis robusta) included.

The appearance of the existing bitumen driveway was lifted with double cobble edging, not only beautifying, but also adding stability.

Sculptural focal points were incorporated into the design, adding depth, texture and interest into the garden.

Now under the careful eye of the owners, it has established beautifully, sitting harmoniously in the stunning landscape.

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