Jetty House Accommodation

Despite the dress circle location and spectacular Harbour views, the sophisticated design of this multistorey Apartment complex does not rely entirely on these credentials. A generously sized courtyard around which all apartments are built, is pivotal to the design of the building as well as an impressive forecourt and main entrance.

The close collaboration between Architect, Landscape designer and Interior designer started during the early stages of the planning process for this project. With the courtyard playing such a major role, it was paramount to include the landscape design from the beginning. For a garden to make an impact in the center of a 4-5 storey building, the structural base has to be incorporated into the planning of the foundations.

I wanted to create a multi layered garden, a bit like a rainforest with a top storey canopy, a middle layer and an understorey. At the same time there had to be a clear structure to the landscape design, which is looked down upon from all apartments, it’s almost like viewing a drawing. It was paramount that all apartments on each level received the benefit of the visual impact of the garden.

Upon entering the main lobby, visitors’ views are guided across a roof garden to the spectacular vista over the Harbour and Muttonbird Island.

It is impossible to compete with such a backdrop, so the roof garden just had to complement it. The geometric pattern from the base of the courtyard was repeated in different coloured gravels and a sculpture was chosen to further complement the setting.

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