Jetty House Accommodation

The heavy white clay soil on this 1ha property drains very slowly. It supports a canopy of Paperbark, Swamp Mahogany and Swamp Turpentine as well as various wetland grasses in the newly constructed drainage swales. The clients wanted a native garden in tune with it’s surroundings.

Areas of emerging tree seedlings where left undisturbed and a damwas built and to encourage the abundant wildlife.

Drainage was a major issue. It was immediately apparent that a great opportunity presented itself to create a garden that represents and enhances the unique features of this site and use them to advantage.

The plant palette for this garden consists almost exclusively of native plants. The subtle foliage colours of these plants blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The garden also needed structure. The large, essentially flat site had to be broken up without looking over-designed .

Three large blocks were installed which could serve as seating, but are really there to give strong horizontal lines in the foreground to define the space and to contrast with the vertical lines of the Paperbark Trees.

An extension to the undercover patio of the house was provided by a paved surface in a rustic flagstone pattern.

Depending on prevalent rainfall the appearance of the dam and the creek bed changes and with it the availability of food for the Kangaroos and waterbirds. It is a joy to observe the changing rhythms of this garden.

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