Jetty House Accommodation

As with all larger gardens, the initial challenge is what to do with all this space. It has to be divided into areas according to function and access requirements. Views have to be identified and the topography analyzed. The scale of the landscaped features has to relate to the surrounding landscape as well as appealing to its human users.

This garden has four key areas, the entrance, a covered entertaining area adjacent to family living, the pool and the main garden which faces the ocean view and is seen from the formal living area of the house and the main bedroom.

A garden of this size can accommodate a large number of trees. Again this creates visual boundaries and defines space.Trees were mainly planted around the perimeter with various species of rainforest trees blending in well with the surrounding Gum Trees.

All other plantings provide strong shapes and textures to give contrast and stability to a somewhat eclectic planting scheme.The plant selection for this garden has stretched over several years with the owners adding their own choices. This has certainly contributed to the fact that the garden does not look ‘designed’. However, important design elements like the manipulation of levels, stone and masonry walls, steps and paths provide enough strength to hold it all together giving the garden its own unique atmosphere.

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