Jetty House Accommodation

A recent trip to Singapore has provided some great inspiration. In particular the recently completed ‘Gardens by the Bay’ are truly impressive.
This project was the subject of an invited international design competition organised by National Parks of Singapore in 2006.
The project includes two large cooled conservatories with a footprint of 20,000 m². They consist of the Flower Dome which recreates the conditions of a Mediterranean Spring and the Cloud Forest which emulates the conditions off mountainous tropical regions. These impressive structures are complemented by the large Super Tree structures ranging from 25 m to 50 m in height arranged in three clusters around the conservatory complex. The Super Trees support many of the environmental systems associated with energy production and ventilation off the glass houses as well as supporting vertical gardens providing a focal point to the gardens and shade for visitors.
The successful collaboration between Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers has produced a development which is set to become a landmark for applied sustainable design. View in our browser to see more images.

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