Jetty House Accommodation

Your garden is suffering and even if you are watering regularly, this will mainly ensure survival for most plants but it will not provide enough for plants, and especially trees, to really flourish.
There is definitively a change in the weather pattern here in Coffs Harbour.

I also notice this in my choices of plants in planting schemes. The plant palettes have shifted to include many more plants suitable for long dry periods. Some of these would not have thrived during the years when we had lots of ‘Coffs Harbour Rain’. Some new regulars included in recent planting schemes are Xanthorrea glauca (seed grown Grass Trees), Kalanchoe Copper Spoon, Kangaroo Paws, Acacia Limelight, Agave geminiflora, Euphorbia Firestick and many more. If your garden has developed gaps, it’s time for some re-thinking and maybe re-vising the current planting scheme.

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