Jetty House Accommodation

Set in a unique location bordering a National Park on the North Coast this residence and garden allow for stunning views along the coastline to the south.

The clients’ brief was simple,the garden hadto reflect the location and to have a relaxed and laid back feeling. The first step prior to starting any design work was to have some understanding of the vegetation of the surrounding National Park. It is diverse with a range of forest communities present, varying from littoral rainforest  to dry and wet sclerophyll forest to mangrove and heath communities.

While analyzing the list of endemic species it became clear that many are readily available as garden plants. Due to the diverse conditions of the area, plant species to satisfy all needs ranging from hot and dry to wet and shady could be used to make up the planting scheme.

The strong architectural lines of the residence grounded by a band of charcoal granite would not tolerate a complicated garden design and it would have also looked out of place in the forest setting. For this reason a simple layout of lawn and native grasses was chosen for the level area to the south acting as the foreground for the beautiful views to the ocean.

To complement the existing vegetation, only local materials were chosen. This also applied to the large boulders of Valla Granite, which have been used as features and to retain soil where necessary.

When designing any garden, it is imperative to honor and respect the location. This is even more the case in a situation like this. Creating harmony with the surroundings allows the garden to flow into the landscape, thus giving the house and the garden a sense of place and not one of intrusion.


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