Jetty House Accommodation

The relatively steep change in level across a narrow front garden was the starting point for this design. A traditional retaining wall would have been too heavy and imposing, whereas the Corten steel edging allowed for gradual and flexible level changes.

I also wanted to create a contrast between the straight geometric lines of the residence and the curvy, organic lines of the steel edging and Bluestone stepping stones. This theme was carried through to the back garden as well.

The entrance to the front door had to be generous and inviting and clearly separated from the driveway. Bluestone paving suits the contemporary architecture.

As with most newly planted projects, the real intention of the planting scheme is not yet visible. It will take about 18 months for the shapes to emerge. The plant palette is coastal sub-tropical, with Pandanus, Frangipani, Giant Strelitzia and Golden Penda being the dominant, tallest species. The middle layers are made up of tropical plants such as Heliconia Hot Rio Nights, Philodendron Xanadu and Cordyline Negra. But there are also some more unusual species that like the hot sunny locations in the garden. Strobilanthus gossypinus, Aloe Winter Bells and Nolina nelsoni feature here.

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