Jetty House Accommodation

Marian Grove Senior Living Luxury Apartments

52 architect designed apartments for senior living, called for the gardens and landscaping to match the high standard of the buildings. 

Two internal courtyards are the green centers between the multistory buildings. Designed for easy access, the colored and textured concrete paths lead through lush gardens to a couple of spacious pergolas and a BBQ area. These are popular meeting places for the residents as well as a furnished roof terrace surrounded by plants.

Our design of the courtyards and other landscaped areas started early on, working in conjunction with the architect. We were also involved right through the construction process. 

The selection of plants reflects the subtropical location with the inclusion of rainforest trees, tropical Rhododendrons, Bromeliads and other lush planting. 

Coming into the main entrance, residents are greeted by the calming sound of a water feature. The mature Kentia Palms and groomed gardens immediately set the tone for residents’ arrival. 

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