Jetty House Accommodation

Situated in a semi-rural location, the starting point for the design of this extensive family garden was the pool.

It had to large, informal in shape, have an infinity edge and, most importantly, feature a slide. There also had to be enough distance from the pool and the garden to re-install the horse fencing. And there had to be a level lawn area. Sounds simple but the ground fell away sharply a short distance from the patio of the house.

The answer was to bring in hundreds of cubic meters of fill and extend the garden into what was part of the horse paddock.

Facing north, the garden is in full sun all day. Crepe Myrtles, Alexander Palms and Frangipani will eventually provide shade but a large part of the garden has been planted with sun-loving species such as Euphorbias, Aloes, Salvias, Kalanchoes and Oleander.

The pool is an inviting pale blue that sits comfortably in the landscape and is surrounded by limestone pavers.

Pots have been carefully selected and planted with species that do not need a lot of care.

The slide is a favorite with the kids and gets plenty of use.

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