Jetty House Accommodation

We have been extremely busy here at GARDEN EXPRESSIONS, among other projects working on a very exciting large country garden. Photos are coming soon but in the meantime, I would like to show a few snippets of the work in progress.

In particular, it is the stone masons’ ability to transform truckloads of rocks, 90 tons so far, into these amazing structures, which always fascinates me the most. The hard work involved to break up the rocks initially with jackhammers, shaping each rock by hand with chisels and then lay them to a pattern, is truly a great skill. GARDEN EXPRESSIONS uses only approved contractors to build stone walls for our projects.

The re-shaping of levels is one of the fundamental aspects to the success of a garden design.

Stone walls made out of locally sourced Valla Granite are a beautiful and effective way to retain soil, provide structure and focus to a design.

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